We're opening up the wide vistas, stary skies, expansive lands, and a quiet ambiance to you. We believe rural places and communities have so much to offer.  Just two hours from crowded Los Angeles, we are nestled between the Sierra Madre and Caliente Mountain ranges in the high-desert of California's famous Central Coast.

We'd like to share our place with you and leave you wanting to return to our desert town. We hope your visit  brings you back to perhaps contribute or lay roots in our rural community.

It all starts with a visit.


















Booking Your Occasion with Us

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To cover our liability and ensure your experience goes off with out incident we have a standard liability waiver for all guests.

Unique Rural Experience

Our original Shelton Huts offers a stunning high-desert camping experience with modern comforts.

Meeting Rooms

Our Center has several functional meeting rooms ranging from conference rooms to design rooms. Depending on your needs we have a space for you.

Khalili Cantina

The Khalili Cantina offers a unique evening social scene for your group, complete with a small kitchen and lounge.



Our campsite is complete with a large fire ring, benches, tables, stumps, and plenty of blue sky and stars above. The Shelton Huts encircle the fire pit.

Recreation & Entertainment

There are plenty of things to do and see in the Cuyama Valley. Most involve outdoor recreation. We also have on-site options available such as outdoor movies, stargazing, and live music to consider.

Expanded Camping

We have bell tents and other canvass tents to rent out in order to make your camping experience both stress-free and unique.



  • Although rare, winter lows can dip as low as 15 degrees (F). Overnight winter lows average from 30-40 degrees. Prepare accordingly

  • Summer day-time highs can be 90-100 degrees but at night it cools off to 40-50 degrees (F).

  • Although Cuyama has blue skies year round the best times of year are September - November and March - June.


  • We are a non-profit development organization working in a rural, isolated, economically disadvantaged community. By choosing to stay with us you're supporting community revitalization efforts. Thank you!
  • New Cuyama is a food desert, meaning there are limited and only expensive options for fresh, healthy food. But we're working on it! Learn more about our food efforts.
  • We're working on providing unique volunteer during your stay ranging from beautification & tree planting to art & design. If you have specific talents and want to visit and pitch in, contact us! Your stay may be free!
  • Water is a huge issue in Cuyama. Both quality and availability. Sometimes there is color and an odor in the water. This will not be harmful to shower or wash up in. Pure drinking water is available. Remember community members deal with this problem on a daily basis.  (PS we're working on this too!)