Cuyama Food Action

With our community partners, we're taking small steps to address chronic food insecurity and combat the food desert.


Organic Food Buyers Cooperative Pilot

With the help of our Desert Fellows we established an organic food buyers cooperative pilot through Azure Standard. Our goal was to begin to engage community members in addressing food access by enrolling in Azure to bring healthier food options into the community. The pilot completed and we are currently working on next steps to enhance and strengthen community engagement.

Due to limited resources and funding we have decided to not continue the service at this time. 


Local Production, Local Consumption, & Economic Development

Our mid term goal is to work with our community and agricultural partners, and utilize technology and new farming practices to tie local production to local consumption by both expanding our organic food cooperative and market days but also directly involving the community, most importantly the schools and youth, in local production, cultivation and sale.

Due to the alluvial fertility of the Cuyama Valley, modest investment in resources could have a large impact in creating a food hub that creates jobs and increases opportunity.

Learn more about the Food Action Plan, our working guide for creating more food access and invesment opportunity in our food desert. 


Shifting to Regenerative Agriculture

Our long term goal is to work with our ranchers and growers to shift practices beyond organic to regenerative. the Cuyama Valley has the potential to become a hub for regenerative agriculture and could provide exportable models to the Central Valley and beyond.



Thanks to generous Express Funding from the Santa Barbara Foundation and an award at the 2017 Women's in the Environment Conference we will be developing a framework for increasing food access and food entrepreneurism in the Cuyama Valley, utilizing the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan as a toolkit


Agriculture in Cuyama


Current / Possible Cultivars

Vegetables: Various row crops

Grain: Wheat/Barley/Millet

Nuts: Pistachios/Walnuts

Fruit: Apple/Stone Fruit/Exotic Fruits (some)

Fermenting: Wine Grapes/Apple(cider)/Hops


Growers / Ranchers

Grimmway Farms

Bolthouse Farms

Kern Ridge Growers

Sun Ridge Nurseries

Harvard Endowment / Brodiaea, LLC

Duncan Family Farms

Sunrise Olive Farm

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachio Co.

Cuyama Orchards

Laetitia Vinyards

Spanish Ranch

Perkins Cattle Ranch