We are fueled by collaboration and community.  Our supporters are our closets partners in realizing financial, social, and environmental equity. There are many ways to contribute including money, time, talents, equipment, and more. We are still climbing the mountain. Help us get to the top.


#1 Make a tax-deductible donation

We accept donations online via PayPal through

or write a check to Blue Sky Sustainable Living Center to PO Box 271 New Cuyama, CA 93254

Coming Soon: Become a Sky Dog!

Our board, staff, and partner alumni and key supporters are recognized with Sky Dog status. These contributors receive unique products and recognition for their contribution and remain closest to the organization's mission, vision and aims.


#2 Donate needed supplies or equipment

Name *
Please describe the item you wish to donate in detail. Please also send a photo if you can.

Our Center will always accept donations in the form of equipment or supplies that will further our mission and allow us to have more impact in our community. We pledge not to accept items that will not be used or that will be immediately resold for profits. We believe that there is peak stuff in the world and we must repurpose items as much as we can.


Our Current Wishlist

  • Mac desktop computers
  • Modern makers equipment (3D printers, CNC laser)
  • Modern/minimalist office furniture
  • Plants/trees suited for USDA climate zone 8
  • Good quality kitchen appliances
  • Bikes / bike racks / bike repair equipment
  • Vintage campers
  • Truck / van
  • Aviation related items (fueling truck, windsocks, etc).
  • Front loading tractor / PTO Hitch
  • Various tools / construction equipment
  • Art supplies / equipment (screen printing equipment)
  • Oddities (if you have a good flare for design and art we are always looking for pieces that bring character to our place)

#3 Volunteer and lend your time and talents

If you're interested in volunteering visit our contact page and tell us a little about yourself, your talents, and what makes you excited about volunteering.


#4 Partner with us towards shared goals

We're always looking for equitable partners and collaborators. Visit our pages about the Blue Sky Center site page and our current projects page to learn more about ways to fit in.

We are driven to become a self-sufficient non-profit and are committed to transparency and accountability.