GRID Alternatives


GRID Alternatives, in partnership with Blue Sky Center, is excited to announce that owner-occupied single-family households in the Cuyama Valley are eligible to qualify for low to no-cost solar installation on their homes. This program is grant-funded and is available as of 2018 through national nonprofit organization, GRID Alternatives. 

For more information, contact Grid Alternatives directly:

Melissa Hanson
Outreach Coordinator

GRID Central Coast South
2900 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93422
(805) 351-3344

Eligibility is based on household income, geographic location in the Valley, roof and shading assessment, and various other factors. Click tables to the left for basic requirements and further information, or contact GIRD Alternatives Outreach Coordinator directly (see above).


Volunteer & Training Opportunities

GRID Alternatives also offers a variety of ways to get involved through volunteer and training opportunities, including residential solar installations here in Cuyama. If you are interested in learning more, explore the GRID Alternatives website (Volunteer Info or Training Info) or sign-up through their Volunteer Portal. We will also be updating this page when there are upcoming opportunities to volunteer locally. If you need help signing up online or are curious about the options, stop by the Blue Sky Center Flagship building during business hours, and we can explain a little more about GRID Alternative's programs and what's involved.