Made in Cuyama



High Desert Print Co.

Santa Barbara-based entrepreneurs Garrett Gerstenberger and José Cardoso have been in the screen printing industry together for over ten years as co-owners of Isla Vista Screen Printing and Island View Print Works. Over the past two years, Garrett and José have reimagined their production operation in the Cuyama Valley, shifting to e-commerce and helping to build community and increase economic opportunities.

Services: screen printing, embroidery, branding & design (2016-present)

(805) 845-1333


Warrior Wagons

Alex Guerrero is a craftsman with over 30 years of experience restoring vintage woodie cars. After relocating to the Cuyama Valley, Alex sought out a shop space and has been growing and developing his business over the past year.

Services: woodie car restorations, campers, carpentry (2017 - present)

(562) 522-9528

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GM Fabrications 

Demetrio Garcia Aguilar and his son Ismael Garcia Moreno have operated their welding and fabrication business since the property was acquired, assisting with fabrication during the first phase of renovations and improvements. They currently offer custom welding and vehicle maintenance and repair services.

Services: welding, fabrication, vehicle repair & maintenance (2013 - present)

(559) 788-7665