Tourism & Hospitality


In late 2016, we launched our Stay Cuyama initiative with a goal of bringing individuals and groups to the Cuyama Valley. Working with architects Maddie and Jeff Shelton, five unique Shelton Huts were deployed next to the Khalili Cantina on our facilities. With the unconventional architecture and beautiful backdrop of the high desert, we worked with Hipcamp and Airbnb to spark our hospitality initiative. Through this process, we have become advocates of conscious tourism based in the Cuyama Valley to help diversify the economy and bring awareness for rural agriculturally-based communities.

We are working to develop a cohesive tourism guide for the Cuyama Valley and surrounding areas that will promote the amazing recreation and small businesses of the community. Nestled between the Los Padres National Forest and Carrizo Plain National Monument, there is no shortage of recreational opportunities to explore. Through tourism and hospitality we hope to help bridge the gap between our rural and urban communities.